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Access control

Naturally you want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible, as well as making it easy for staff and visitors to move around the building freely. It is vital for you to ensure maximum protection against unauthorised intruders.

Access Control systems allow you to decide who can enter your business, as well as verify who is onsite. While old lock and key security has its place, an access control system allows you to manage permissions for multiple staff. You can do this via a single security door access card or fob device per staff member or visitor. No matter the device, you can enhance your security while helping prevent unauthorised access to your premises.

We offer the very latest access control technology, including proximity readers, swipe card readers, biometric readers (fingerprint recognition) and wireless systems. The best solution will depend on the user and administrators’ requirements.

Does your business access control system meet your needs?

Has it been a while since you last reviewed your security setup? Have you recently moved to a new premises with an existing security system? Our free review service looks closely at your business access control system as well as CCTV solutions, alarms and manpower, applying our industry experience to suggest improvements in processes, practices and equipment. We deliver our obligation-free report in two weeks. Contact our office to arrange yours!

Slow internet at work can be super frustrating, and like your security system, it too  you will need consistent speeds around the clock to feel secure. That is why we now offer Fibre Optical Network services to deliver you high-speed connections consistently and reliably for your business.

Setting up Business Fibre Internet to your location ensures the highest possible speed and availability. Imagine video conferencing without freezing screens. And the best part? It allows your security camera and access control to work seamlessly without being affected by wind or rain.


Is this different to NBN? – absolutely, this is just pure fibre from a Melbourne based carrier. No mixed technologies.

If you’re ready for a fast and reliable internet connection to run your business and business security systems, simply contact us.

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