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Alarm Systems & Monitoring

They say your home is your castle.

Here’s how to keep your home safe, secure and protected.

traditional alarms

Intruder alarms consist of a main control panel that is connected to detection devices such as motion detectors and reed switches. Motion detectors detect any moving objects in the home when the system is armed (turned on) and the home is meant to be vacant. Reed switches are magnetic contacts that are installed on doors and windows to activate when the contact is broken, i.e. when a door/window is opened.

When an alarm system is armed, if any of these devices are triggered the alarm will sound, alerting the intruder that they have been detected, warning the surrounding neighbourhood and, if the system is back-to-base monitored, notifying the monitoring centre that there has been an alarm activation.

An intruder alarm system is your first line of defence in protecting your home, as it mitigates the amount of time an intruder will spend in your home. It is highly recommended that your intruder alarm system is monitored, as an unmonitored alarm will simply make noise and … these days … your neighbours are more likely to not intervene when an alarm goes off as many think it’s a false alarm.

Smart alarms / monitoring - home automation

Many modern home security systems are controllable via smartphone apps. Systems with app compatibility are known as smart home security systems. they allow you to check on your home – even if you’re away.

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Check on Your Home - Even When You’re Away

Arm & Disarm Your System

Turn your home alarm on or off anywhere using your smartphone.

See Live Camera Footage

Check on your family from your ADT security camera using your mobile device.

Lock and Unlock Your Doors

Double-check your home’s smart locks and garage doors no matter where you are.

Control Your Smart Home Gadgets

Connect your smart home devices to check on your home from virtually anywhere.


Our highly trained, certified technicians will professionally install your security system. Once installed, your technician will test your system to be sure it’s working properly and show you how it works for easy use from day one. They can also assist you with connecting your smartphone to the corresponding app, to control your security system on-the-go.

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