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Our straightforward CCTV (closed circuit television) surveillance camera packages are popular among business customers. Delivering security solutions in Melbourne to offices, shop fronts and warehouses, our systems provide peace of mind, and monitoring of all activities whether from home, office or travelling.  Additionally, with our extensive industry knowledge, we assist customers in planning their security strategies and accurate camera positioning in new or existing business premises.

To deter criminals

In the event of a robbery, security footage cannot only provide valuable evidence, but also potentially deter a criminal all together.

To safeguard against light-fingered staff

In a perfect world business owners trust all of their employees. However, if you operate a business with high staff turnover or substantial money handling then there is greater risk of employee theft. The implementation of a surveillance system will deter and a safeguard your stock and revenue.

To keep things honest

Occupational health and safety policies are an essential part of every business. As part of these policies you are required to record and assess any accidents or injuries that occur on your premises. But things can get complicated when people are injured without witnesses. In this scenario, a CCTV camera system can remove doubt and clarify events, as well as the added benefit of discouraging false claims against your business.

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At Beyond Secure we know how important it is to honour your duty of care to staff and patrons. Keeping your venue and facilities safe and secure requires quality equipment and expert knowledge. We offer a range of CCTV and security cameras tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Depending on the location that needs securing, we offer eye-ball cameras, bullet cameras, wireless and battery powered to get the job done. 

Slow internet at work can be super frustrating, and like your security system, it too  you will need consistent speeds around the clock to feel secure. That is why we now offer Fibre Optical Network services to deliver you high-speed connections consistently and reliably for your business.

Setting up Business Fibre Internet to your location ensures the highest possible speed and availability. Imagine video conferencing without freezing screens. And the best part? It allows your security camera and access control to work seamlessly without being affected by wind or rain.


Is this different to NBN? – absolutely, this is just pure fibre from a Melbourne based carrier. No mixed technologies.

If you’re ready for a fast and reliable internet connection to run your business and business security systems, simply contact us.

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