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Intercoms were thought of as a convenience device – push a button and talk to someone on the other side of the wall. Now they form part of an intelligent, prudent security solution used to protect your home by verifying who is at the door. There are lots of choices when it comes to domestic intercom systems and we encourage every Melbourne home to be security conscious and safe behind a locked front door.  Our selection of intercoms can deter intruders, view what’s happening outside, record an entire conversation by audio and video as well as offer peace of mind.

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Basic voice-only intercom systems include hands-free communication, clear audio and remote door or gate release. We also install a range of wireless intercoms to connect to the front gate of your residential building or factory.

Video intercom system are suitable for front door station monitoring and is mounted at right angles so that a visitor can press the call button while standing directly in front of the entry door.

Today’s intercom solutions have certainly progressed with technological advances including IP, PoE, networking and mobiles. Our fully integrated security solutions are becoming the trend and have the capability to be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. A big component of such integration is the benefits and features when an emergency button is pressed, using video to complement the two-way audio, unlocking doors, opening parking gates or displaying key information.

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