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Letter box security

How secure is your letterbox?

Compared to your front door and windows, your letterbox might not seem like a high priority.

And in one sense, you’d be right. After all, no-one’s going to be squeezing into your home through the letterbox!

However, keeping your letterbox secure is still important. Because for better or worse, many important letters, bills and paperwork still come through good-ol’  paper mail. If you want to keep this information secure and stop it getting lost – or worse, landing in the wrong hands – a secure letterbox is a must-have.

It’s not just your privacy that takes a hit when your letterbox is raided – your wallet could take a hit as well.

why is it important?

An unsecured mailbox isn’t just a target for thieves – your mail could simply get lost. It’s quite easy to never notice that you haven’t received your quarterly water bill. And next thing you know, the late notices start rolling in.

Like it or not, your electricity provider, water company and insurance broker still send a lot of paperwork through the postal service, including the bills you need to pay. 

And if you happen to never receive those invoices … well, we’re fairly sure you don’t need us to tell you how important that is! It might be a good idea to take the steps to secure your letterbox and avoid any mishaps.


If your mail has ever been stolen it may have ended up in the hands of international crime syndicates who used your information to steal from you or set up fake bank loans in your name.

Mail thieves are targeting city apartment blocks near train stations and stealing credit cards and information they can sell to international crime syndicates.

The low-end thieves known as “boxers” use master keys or special tools for a range of frauds and thefts. The information stolen from your letterbox might end up being sold to overseas crime syndicates who use the information to defraud banks through fake loans.

If you’re not keen to rent a PO box there’s another low-cost option you can do to physically secure your mail. Talk to your local locksmith!

Installing a new lock or getting an existing one re-keyed can go a long way towards securing your mail and protecting your personal information. Far too many letterboxes nationwide have no sort of locking mechanism on them … and many others haven’t had their locks changed for years on end.

The lock on your mailbox is the frontline of defence when it comes to protecting your identity and your privacy. And for most people, it’s the only one too.

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