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Locked out? Lost Keys?

If you’ve ever experienced frustration from losing your house keys, or concerns over moving into a new home, a common solution is to replace your existing lock with a new one or re-keying your current lock.

Our dedicated and qualified team can quickly and easily get you back inside your home, with replacements or re-keying to ensure your Melbourne home is protected.

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A survey conducted by Budget Direct Home Insurance ascertained the behaviours and attitudes of 1000 Australians regarding home security.

35% of people said they regularly leave a spare key outside their property, with younger people having a higher tendency to leave a key outside than older people. Of those whose house had been broken into, they were more likely to leave spare keys outside.

Unless your key is hidden in a secure location, the usual hiding spots, underneath the doormat, under a pot plant or on the windowsill (are no longer a secure option).

55% of those surveyed who had their homes being broken into said they don’t have a security system.


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We provide a broad range of locksmithing services, from supply and installation of locks, architectural hardware, safes and electronic access control systems to restricted master key systems and lock maintenance.

Our domestic security solutions extend to supply and installation of door and window locks to suit all timber, aluminium or sliding doors as well as all types of deadbolt or mortice locks.

Changing a key can be as straightforward as re-keying your lock to a new key which only you own.  If you’re locked out of your home, call us on site and we will help you regain access.

If you distribute keys among other family members or significant others, our restricted master key systems permit sharing, with the guarantee that those keys are safeguarded and can’t be duplicated.  We offer innovative designs, fast installation and ongoing maintenance of these effective systems.

Should the situation arise, and you need help with evictions or lockouts, we can assist by conferring our recommendations to boost your security.

Undoubtedly, our certified locksmiths are reliable and dedicated to delivering responsive and quality services, assisting with all immediate and long-term locksmith and security needs.  They have all the necessary insurances and are fully qualified to handle their specific field of expertise.


What does it mean when a key is stamped with ‘Do Not Copy’ or Restricted? It means the key cannot be copied by anyone except the locksmith who supplied the keying system. Beyond Secure can offer you our Restricted Key service to equip you with extra security at your home or office complex. Restricted key systems grant you complete control over when and how many “keyways” are cut.

How does it work?  Our locksmith will only duplicate a key if permission has been given from you (the owner) of the keying system.  We use our own Sigma X technology, which adds up to 1,024 possible profiles from the one key/ hierarchy.

Other benefits include:

  • Protected by Australian and New Zeeland Law.
  • High-security keying system
  • Pick and drill protection
  • Colour coded key inserts.


Restricted keys can only be ordered by property owners or authorised representatives acting on behalf of the owner (i.e: Body Corporate Managers, Real Estate Agents). We require a written order for replacement keys, stating the location, key number, system number and quantity required. This can be sent to us by e-mail at info@beyondsecure.com.au

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